Discipline of persistence

  • The greatest test of self discipline is when you persist in a face of adversity and  drive your self forward to complete your tasks 100%. Keep on even when everybody around you feels like quitting and you feel like quitting as well
  • Courage has two parts
  1. courage to begin – in a face of failure with no guaranties for success
  2. courage to endure – keep on going when you are tired, disappointed and nothing is working no guaranties to success
  • Your persistence is measure of your beliefs in your self and what are you doing. Persistence changes your character
  •  In reality persistence is self discipline in action. Your persistence is your measure of self discipline
  • Everything in life it’s a test when you feel quitting you are actually testing your self, that is a test of your character. That is a test to see what are you made off
  • It’s not on what are you working on that it counts. It’s what are you becoming by persisting or quitting

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