Discipline of daily time management

•Every minute spent in planning saves 10 min in execution
•Keep working the plan instead of responding on what is going around you
•Begin by making a list one night before. Write dawn on a sheet of paper all the things you have to do tomorrow.
•Organize your list by giving priorities A B C D
• A –something you must do/ serious consequences
• B- something that you should do/ mild consequences
• C- something that is nice to do / no consequences
•D- delegate, give tasks to somebody that can do them successfully, don’t just do them because u can
•E – Eliminate, tasks that you don’t have to do in order to have more time
•Rule newer do a B task when u have A task undone, newer do a C task when u have B left undone
•Newer do a lower value tasks first
•Make a list of priorities

A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2…….

•Discipline on your A1 task 100% until it’s complete
•Start your morning with A1 task and stay with it while it’s done
•Rule is if it does not have to be done, it does not have to be done
•Always keep in mind that discipline of time management is essential for success

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