Self Discipline

  1. Discipline of clear thinking
  2. Discipline of daily goal setting
  3. Discipline of daily time management
  4. Discipline of courage
  5. Discipline of excellent health habits
  6. Discipline of regular saving and investing
  7. Discipline of hard work
  8. Discipline of continuous learning
  9. Discipline of persistence

Discipline of persistence

  • The greatest test of self discipline is when you persist in a face of adversity and  drive your self forward to complete your tasks 100%. Keep on even when everybody around you feels like quitting and you feel like quitting as well
  • Courage has two parts
  1. courage to begin – in a face of failure with no guaranties for success
  2. courage to endure – keep on going when you are tired, disappointed and nothing is working no guaranties to success
  • Your persistence is measure of your beliefs in your self and what are you doing. Persistence changes your character
  •  In reality persistence is self discipline in action. Your persistence is your measure of self discipline
  • Everything in life it’s a test when you feel quitting you are actually testing your self, that is a test of your character. That is a test to see what are you made off
  • It’s not on what are you working on that it counts. It’s what are you becoming by persisting or quitting

Discipline of hard work

  • Develop a reputation of a hard worker
  • Work all the time you are at work
  • Start one hour before everybody else finish one hour after
  • Be the one who shuts dawn the light
  • Avoid the time wasters
  • Ask your self – what is the most valuable use of my time right now

Discipline of regular saving and investing

  • Greatest goals in the life is to be financially independent
  • Greatest worries is to pay the bills
  • Greatest fear is poverty and ending up with no money
  • Set a goal to be financially independent
  • Instead of thinking; I like spending money, start thinking I like saving money
  • Save at least 20% percent of your earnings
  • Delay and defer major purchase decisions
  • Don’t lose money !!!
  • Pay only in cash, get rid of credit cards
  • Money gives you freedom and opportunity
  • Investigate before you invest
  • Only invest in things you know

Discipline of excellent health habits

  • Say to your self; My goal is to live hundred years and to be in a perfect health
  • You should aim to Design your ideal body
  • To start that process first thing you should do is to take a desired picture from magazine and put your head picture on top of it
  • Eat less and exercise more. Eat so u can live don’t live so you can eat.
  • Exercise regularly in the morning
  • Eliminate Flour, Sugar and Salt, eat fruits, vegetables and proteins
  • Drink lot of water in the day

Discipline of daily time management

•Every minute spent in planning saves 10 min in execution
•Keep working the plan instead of responding on what is going around you
•Begin by making a list one night before. Write dawn on a sheet of paper all the things you have to do tomorrow.
•Organize your list by giving priorities A B C D
• A –something you must do/ serious consequences
• B- something that you should do/ mild consequences
• C- something that is nice to do / no consequences
•D- delegate, give tasks to somebody that can do them successfully, don’t just do them because u can
•E – Eliminate, tasks that you don’t have to do in order to have more time
•Rule newer do a B task when u have A task undone, newer do a C task when u have B left undone
•Newer do a lower value tasks first
•Make a list of priorities

A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2…….

•Discipline on your A1 task 100% until it’s complete
•Start your morning with A1 task and stay with it while it’s done
•Rule is if it does not have to be done, it does not have to be done
•Always keep in mind that discipline of time management is essential for success

Discipline of daily goal setting

•What do I really want to do whit my life
•Write ten goals in present tense that you want to do in next 12 months. e.g. I earn 1mil by next year
•Be positive when writing e.g.. instead I will quit smoking write I’m non smoker
•Use the words; I earn, I drive, I look, I achieve, I acquire
•Write it every morning all over again and then start your day!

Discipline of clear thinking

•Sit in solitude for 30 to 60 minute. Most powerful of all thinking tools. Sit quietly with nothing to watch and nothing to read, allow your mind to calm and think.
•Think on paper – write dawn every detail of problem or situation on a sheet of paper.. How it happened, what is going on, who is involved
•Take a walk and question your assumptions
•Be open to doing something completely different